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During an illustration class after an instructors some what less that stellar critique of pen and ink drawing, a student timidly rose and declared in an increasingly louder voice. That after leaving art school, he would never use pen and ink as medium for any drawing or illustration for the rest of his life. Almost 40 years and more than several art schools later, you are looking at the work of that student, who had a neophytes nerve to stand and proclaim the entire medium - persona non grata.

Since that day, I have created pen and ink drawing and rendering for Advertising Agencies, Design Studies, Book Publishers, Industrial Companies, Medical Publishers and Product Manufacturers. The subjects have varied from kid's toys like Knex Toys, to editorial drawings like TV Guide Magazine, through food illustrations for Goya Foods and Acme Markets and medical art for companies like Saunders Medical Publishing and Springhouse Corporation. Today my pen and ink work has expanded to drawings of more personal nature, combining the legends of classical Mythology and current political events.

In addition to my pen and ink work, I have also created many color illustrations and renderings using a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, pastel. Dr. Martins Dyes, watercolors, airbrush and gouache. These mediums have been used in a variety of techniques covering a myriad of subject matter and clients. I have created Paleo Art for National Geographic Books, Poster Art for the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington DC, limited edition art for the Hellos Columbus Foundation, a 25FT mural for The Gold Stars Mothers Club of Philadelphia and Military Historical Mural Commissions for the National Parks Services, two William's Castle on Governor's Island New York and the Charge of Captain May (War with Mexico) at the National Infantry Museum. Other color illustrations and drawing have been created as cover art and text illustrations for advertising, publishing, industrial and pharmaceutical companies.

Today, when not working on commissions, I'm engaged in creating pen and ink drawings for my Classical Mythology series, or working on military historical paintings focused on the Rome Legions in both the Republican and Imperial periods.

About Dan Fione

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